Maxshine Mini Polishing System

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(Does Not Include Rotary Polisher)Maxshine Mini Polisher System can be used in areas like car headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, door handles, emblems, scratch glass surfaces, interior console panels or small areas. Provide high-quality car care experiences when working on hard to reach areas where many polishers can’t do. Contents: 1. 3x φ1.5x1cm Red Finishing Pad 2. 3x φ2.6×1.2cm Red Finishing Pad 3. 3x φ1.5x1cm Green Polishing Pad 4. 3x φ2.6×1.2cm Green Polishing Pad 5. 3x φ1.5×0.5cm Felt Polishing Pad 6. 3x φ2.5cm Long Wool Pad 7. 3x Size:3×4.5cm Orange Polishing Pad 8. 3x Size:3x3cm Orange Polishing Pad 9. 1x φ1.5cm Backing Pad 10. 1x φ2.5cm Backing Pad 11. 1x Adaptor 5/8″ 12. 1x Small Wrench 13. 1x Small Bag


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