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Inspire Car Care handles all of our customer inquiries through email. Through experience we believe this is the best method due to the following:

  1. We are able to give each inquiry our full attention as we get to handle them in the order received.
  2. This allows our customers and us to keep a clear record and timeline of communication.
  3. This allows us to provide direct links to tools and products so there are no mistakes or misunderstandings in coming to a resolution.

Support Tips:

1. To have your questions answered as quickly and efficiently as possible, please include as much detailed information as possible in your original submission below.

2. Reaching out during normal business hours; Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST, will get you the quickest response.

3. You only need to complete the form below. Sending an email directly goes to the same place, and this form lists all the needed information for us to promptly address your issues.


Free shipping on orders over 150$, some exclusions apply.


Within 30 days of original order receipt


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Orders placed before 2pm EST will ship the same day!

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