Autofiber Microfiber Applicator Pad

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3.5 in X 5 in

The [Block Sponge Thin] is a thinner version of the original [block sponge applicator, an easy to use microfiber applicator pad for wax, coating, sealant, and dressing. The inside sewn edges insure that only premium microfiber fabric is in contract with your paint. The rectangle cubic shape provides two 3.5”x5” (for a total of 35 square inches) surfaces for application. The microfiber terry applicator pad fits right in the palm of your hand - is easy to hold and maneuver. The flat surface of this microfiber applicator block covers more area for faster application. The medium-firm sponge core gently conforms to contoured surfaces and you glide across your paint. The lightweight, short pile, terry microfiber absorbs minimal product, while applying the product evenly and smoothly.


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